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I have just added this book to my library.  In my many years of collecting, the best tool (aside from hands-on) has been my reference library. In my Tips on Collecting section I give the names of certain publications, suggesting they might be helpful to the serious collector / student.  I will now add this book to that list. However I am adding it to the top of the list.

Since the discovery of the Wanli shipwreck, I have followed with great interest the excavation of this amazing find. From Archeology to Scientific Analysis, this book is a complete, in-depth chronological record of one of the most important shipwreck finds ever.

This is not at all similar to the small, thin  Sotheby's and Christies catalogues covering their latest auctions, this is a large hardbound publication measuring almost 11 x 11 inches (27cm x 27cm) and just over 1.5 inches (3.81cm) thick.  It has 360 pages of data and images of the cargo.  I highly recommend you add this newly available publication (2007) to your library since it offers excellent data and examples to unquestionably authentic porcelains from this period of the Ming dynasty.